Do you provide your own sound system? 
I always provide my own sound system and all the audio equipment I need for the performance. For weddings where I'm performing at two locations, like ceremony and cocktail hour, I'll bring two separate sound systems and two independent sets of audio equipment. 
Do you have a microphone we could use for the ceremony?
Yes, I include a wireless handheld microphone in my ceremony package for you and your officiant to use.
How reliable is your wireless equipment? Should we be worried about audio dropouts or interference?
I only use the highest quality and most expensive wireless equipment, and I always coordinate frequencies with your other vendors if they're also using wireless equipment. Unless your venue is next door to an airport or radio broadcasting station, we won't have any problems.

Do you have travel fees for Southern California?
I'm based in Orange County, but I have a very wide travel radius and don't charge travel fees for destinations as far as San Diego, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara. The only exception is that I may need to charge a hotel fee if my performance starts very early or ends very late.
What are our travel fees for destination weddings and events?
For all performances outside of Southern California, I'll build a custom proposal for you that includes all travel fees in the packages. From there, I'll book my own flights, hotels, and other travel accomodations. My goal is for the booking process to be as simple for you as booking a local vendor.

What are your power requirements?
For most performances, I bring portable power stations so that there are no issues with venue power and no visible extension cords. This also allows me to setup my speakers in the ideal position for sound projection without having to worry about if there's a power outlet nearby.
Do you have any requirements that you need from us or the venue?
I'm a very low-maintenance vendor. For most weddings, the only thing I require is on-site parking or valet at the venue. 

My venue requires vendors to have liability insurance. Do you have a policy?
Yes, I have a $2 million liability insurance policy and can send your venue a Certificate of Insurance.  
How many weddings and events do you perform every year?
I've performed over 1,000 weddings and events in my career, and in my highest volume years, I was doing over 200 performances a year. I currently limit myself to 45 performances a year so that I can ensure every client gets my full attention and every performance is absolutely flawless.  

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